Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a banner day!

For at least three years, I have been looking for a single-serving yogurt container with a reuseable lid. This isn't all I've done in that time, but it has been something I've wanted. When I bring lunch or even a snack to work, it usually includes yogurt. I often get deals on the single serving containers with the foil lid, but I hate creating that much waste.

Victory is mine.

I went to the SuperTarget on a whim yesterday because a co-worker suggested it while listening to me whine about how I didn't want to go to both Target and the grocery store, but I had Target coupons that were going to expire (it was a great conversation, you wish you were there). She suggested going to a Target I've only ever been to once before because they have a grocery store as well. Though I was a bit disappointed in the fact that they don't have tartar sauce (but like 12 kinds of mayonnaise), the prices are really good, and I picked up a few staples to tide me over until my next big shop.

And I found the yogurt. For $.53, this store sells Archer Farms yogurt in a 6 oz. container with a reuseable lid. This means that I can buy the 1 quart yogurt container, and just spoon it into the smaller ones when I need to bring it to work. This is not only more economical, but it creates less waste, and I am so stoked!

I can get a quart of vanilla yogurt at Trader Joes for about $2.50 or a quart of Stonyfield Farms for $3.99. I can get about 5.5 6 oz yogurts out of the quart, meaning that my cost per unit for the Stonyfield is $.80 and for the Trader Joes $.50. Considering that the yogurt I usually buy in single serving portions is ~$1 apiece (depending on my coupon situation) this is a tremendous coup!

In the past year, I've gone from bringing my lunch in a sandwich bag (which I always threw away--I hate washing bags) to bringing my lunch in a reuseable gladware container, and now I'll bring my lunch in a reuseable container as well. One lunch, significant savings, no waste! I imagine I'll find dozens of other uses for these small containers, but I just bought five to start--no need to go overboard.

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