Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Thoughts

--I don't know why it took me so long to realize that instead of trekking all the way out to Ikea for jars to store pastas, lentils and other things that I like to have but that may potentially get bugs in them, I can re-use old glass jars from pasta sauce, salsa or other things like that!  It's kind of shameful to admit  had never thought of that before (especially since I compulsively save yogurt containers), but I hadn't and now I have.  If there's anyone else out there who never made that connection--do not feel ashamed!  I just put that bulk nutritional yeast I got at the food co-op in Albany into an old Trader Joe's marinara jar--brilliant!

--I'm super into beets right now, but I'm still scared to actually dismantle them myself.  Thankfully, a friend told me that Trader Joe's has pre-prepared beets that are ready to eat.
I've beet eating beets almost daily, and I am unlikely to stop.  Bed of arugula topped with sliced beets, bit of feta and some vinagrette--OMG.  Plus, they're such a pretty color!

--I had an epiphany the other day while riding my bike.  There's a summertime farmer's market in the park at the far end of my street.  Even though it's a very reasonable distance to run to (2.5 miles), it's always seemed just slightly too far away to walk to knowing that I'll have to walk back laden with heavy groceries.  But I won't be bummed out to put all that fresh produce in my bike basket!  Plus, now I actually have Saturdays off!

--I have barely worn my winter coat this winter, and I've spent more time outside than probably any other winter since I was a kid.  That's weird.  I also haven't worn my new boots yet, which makes me a bit sad just because they're so stylish.

--I'm going through an expensive time right now--one of those phases where the money seems to just vanish.  First it was car repair, then I needed a haircut, then Nike was having a mega sale on the shoes I really like plus I had a 20% off code (this may seem frivolous, but I need good running shoes, and if I can get them 1/2 price--that's a winner), taxes are due soon and I owe, etc.  Just a lot of things to pay for right now. I'm going to try to reign it in without sacrificing fun (I've sacrificed for too long!).  I'm going to whip up some super cheap meals, and drive to work no more than one day a week (unless it's downpouring or snowing).

--My new job comes complete with a very active Friends of the Library group consisting mostly of older, retired people who just love the library.  I had forgotten how much I love hanging around older people.  Every one of them seems to have led a crazy interesting life, and for a bunch of senior citizens, they're lively and highly entertaining.  I was telling one the other day at the Leap Year Potluck about riding my bike to work, "Oh, that's so European of you!" she exclaimed.  This from a woman who is actually from Europe!  Score!

--My goal for the year, now, is to be more European.  I imagine that this will include eating more fatty cheese, drinking more wine, riding my bike more often and living life at a more leisurely pace.  I was kind of hoping to incorporate all those things in my life anyway, but now I have a hashtag for it #moreeuropean. Speaking of being more European, I was telling my stylist (who used to live in Milan) about my new Friends, and she totally wants me to invite her to our next party! 

--This weekend, I'm going to the ballet on Friday, out for crepes on Saturday, and on Sunday, I'm taking a fencing class (Inigo Montoya!).  Even though I just made this new 'be more European' goal like yesterday, I'm totally a success!

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Ah, striving to be "more European" in this context is just right!

    And working with fresh beets really isn't that difficult; the secret is leaving on the top 'stub' (after you've cut off leaves, great for stir-fries) during boiling/steaming. Then cool a bit, slice off that top stub & the beet skins slip off!

  2. Thanks Katy! Someday soon, I will make the attempt to steam my own beets--It must be more economical as well.