Friday, March 16, 2012

Frugal Limericks v.2

St. Patrick's day is fast approaching!  One thing the Irish are particularly good at is is making a tastey meal for not a lot of money.  Now that I live in an aggressively Irish part of the country, and I share a home with a person of Irish descent, once a year my house is full of the smell of boiled dinner.

The local grocery stores start selling corned beef out of large barrels in the aisle, and the whole place seems to be hemorrhaging cabbage.  We went grocery shopping the other day, and BF spent about fifteen minutes contemplating whether of not the cabbage would still be good for Saturday if he got it right then.  As much as I hate wasting food (and that's a lot), I had to say to him, "Even if it goes bad, you've only lost $.49"

From what I understand, boiled dinner is exactly how it sounds.  You put corned beef, cabbage and carrots + some flavor agents in a pot and boil it until your house is steamed up and everything smells like cabbage.  Then your boyfriend invites over a bunch of physicists, and they go to town on the boiled dinner while you eat something vegetarian.  At least, that's my experience.  Here's a recipe for boiled dinner from Allrecipes, but you really should have already started brining your corned beef, at least that's what Rachael Ray says.

Now for another limerick!

There's nothing I love quite so much as a deal
It's amazing to get nice things for a steal
Don't get carried away
I often say nay
For my hatred of clutter is real!

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