Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Smartypig.com Round One

I finally set up my account with Smartypig.  It took far longer than I thought it would because I had issues with the online registration, and then had to wait for them to send me something in the mail. I don't know if they're just super, super picky, or what, but I failed the address verification portion.  No complaints though, I like my financial institutions to be particular to the point of being obnoxious.  The point is--I made it!  I have an account, it's set up to automatically transfer $25 twice a month from my savings account, and I keep track of that by looking at this adorable piggy graphic.
Saving is the cutest!  I fell like I'm fattening a Christmas ham!

 I had been hoping that  I could somehow embed that little piggy graphic in the blog's sidebar so we could all watch him plump, but either that's impossible, or I'm too stupid to figure it out.  If you want to watch my piggy grow, you can check out my personalized smartypig page: https://www.smartypig.com/loves/frugaler.

So far, so good.  I'm 10% closer to my new iPod!

Thanks to Anonymous's helpful comment, I have now created a piggy widget!  It's over in the sidebar and is oh so cute!


  1. you can create your own flash widget to embed in your blog by logging in, going to sharing, then widget. it will track your progress.

  2. Wahoo! You're well on your way to listening to some new tunes :)

    Can I send you a SmartyPig t-shirt to help encourage the process even more!?

    Shoot me an email with your size and address if you don't mind...

    Sarah @ Sfoss@SmartyPig.com