Thursday, July 21, 2011

Closet Clean-out Continues

Thus far in my closet clean-out, I've dropped off two huge bags at Salvation Army along with a few other odds and ends that wouldn't fit in the bags.  The interesting thing is I kept the giant bag sitting on my floor, right in my way while I was filling them up (so as to encourage myself to fill them up); then when they were finally full enough to drop off, I missed having the bag around!  As soon as I dropped it off, I started seeing all other things in my closet that need getting rid of, so I implemented a slightly new system.

Yes, it's just a plastic bag, not a real system
Closet mini-bag! Whenever I find something in my closet that I haven't worn in at least a year, I try it on, and if I don't think I'll wear it, it goes in the bag.  Once the bag is full, it goes into the trunk of my car, once I'm in the neighborhood of Salvation Army, it goes in the donation bin.

It's a system--kind of!

Blurry picture of my crowded closet
As you can plainly see, I still have a lot of work to do.  It looks worse than it may be, just because my closet is long and deep (worst closet design ever!), but it also just has too much stuff in it.  I've also started cleaning out my drawers.  Did you know that I don't actually need ten bras I don't wear?  Even though I'm loathe to throw away something so expensive as a bra, if it doesn't do its job, and I'm not wearing it, why keep it hanging around?  I can now actually find things in my drawers!

This closet clean-out has also inspired me to keep the rest of my office tidier. Exhibit A:

Yes, that's a sign stolen from a public library (which I do not
advocate doing), but it was a gift!
That is a clean dresser top, people.  Normally, that would be covered in ten days' worth of clothes in various states of cleanness.  Then the cat would sleep on them, and they'd be covered in fur just in time for me to wear to work--so much for librarian cliches.  Now the cat has to sleep here:

Used Whole Foods bag--Watson recycles.

In about two years, I should be all done with the closet clean-out.... and I just bought two new skirts.  It's never going to end, is it?


  1. As soon as I clean out my closet, I always feel compelled to fill it with new clothes! Awful, isn't it? Good job with the clean dresser top. We don't have a dresser in our bedroom, just the guest room. We just use the closets and bins for stuff that doesn't hang.

  2. I like the bag system! I've got kind of a pile...ish...mess...heap where I throw stuff when I try it on and it no longer fits. I think containing it (e.g. like you do, in a bag) would make it easier to actually get the stuff to the depot, rather than just growing into a bigger and bigger pile/mess.

  3. Yay! You have a "sack cat" too. Our Star loves to lie on her (yes) Whole Food paper sack...

    And *hanging* the sack in your closet for donation items is a great idea. Ours is usually near a dresser or somesuch. Planning on a massive closet-culling when we're back home fulltime this fall.

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