Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Goals

Better late than never, eh?  Let's take a look back at the month of June though, and see how I did.June goals were:
  1. Buy a beach pass
  2. Stay on track with spending
  3. Focus of the retirement fund
  4. Remember minimalism
I did not buy a beach pass, sadly.  I meant to, never got around to it, and then as of July 1, they doubled in price.  I was thinking though, I'm not a super beachy girl, I don't honestly know if I would use the pass as much as I envision before Labor Day when the beaches are free anyway.  Pre-July 1, the beach pass was $30, but all summer long, it's $10 per visit.  I'm going to see how much I actually go, and then base next year's purchase on that.

I managed to stay on track with spending, even acheived my pre-vacation goal of crushing that Amex debt.  I spent a lot on groceries for the month of June, so I need to reign that in for July.  As to my minimalism leanings, I'm still rooting through my clothes and getting rid of things--man, I have a lot of clothes.  My closet looks great (I can actually find things!), and I'm being a bit more cutthroat rather than thinking well, I haven't worn that in three years, but I'm sure I will.

For July, I'm going to be dull.
  1. Spend wisely/ save wisely
  2. Use downtime well--I have more downtime these days, but don't want to look back on the summer and feel like I've frittered it away.  There's a ton of free/ cheap stuff to do in town, and I've made a promise to a friend that I'll get back to fiction writing--I need to keep my promise.
  3. Keep running!  Yes, this may mean getting up at 5am to beat the heat, but I have another race at the beginning of August, and I want to do well.  I've got my super cool hydration belt, and all of the running magazines assure me that I will get used to the heat (I'm skeptical).


  1. Yay! Get back to writing! Also, I can't believe you have to pay to go to the beach. Crazy! I imagine it's like a state park pass?

  2. Good luck with your July goals...and your closet clear out :)

  3. @Melissa--yup, it's for all the state beaches