Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Internet is Magic

On Sundays I post a few links for fun stuff I discovered in the past week.  It may not have much to do with frugality, but it also may--you never know what you're going to get!

  • So I found this video, and watched it.  All I have to say is: why? How long does it take to do this, and why would you?
  • Have you discovered Swackett?  It's a weather website, but unlike most that just have pictures of happy suns and stormy clouds--Swackett tells you what to wear!  You can also put it on your smart phone (I don't have a smart phone), which seems a bit silly to me because if you're out and about, you can't really change clothes--unless you go buy something (not frugal).  But seriously, it's awesome.

  • The eight worst types of blogs via Confessions of a Science Librarian via  We've all encountered these at one time or another, I'm sure, and I personally fell victim to: "The Parrot Blog. This is a blog which seems to exist solely to reprint, quote or link to other people's content. You can find these blogs everywhere, but by their very nature, they prefer cropping up in the more heavily populated parts of the blogoverse."  I wrote a great and highly controversial blog post for my library blog (yes, I have like a million blogs), another blogger mentioned it, and one of my commentors gave her credit for it!  Not right! And yes, I realize the irony here in that I'm parroting one blog that's parroting another :)
  • If you ever find yourself in Minnesota or North Dakota (my homeland) and wonder "what to do that helps me savor the unique flavor of the region?" peruse this list of all the random and usually food-based festivals around the region.
  • It was too hot and humid to go running on Saturday, so I decided to do some yoga instead--here's how that turned out.
Watson looks pretty regal, but he wasn't doing the proper
breathing technique--not even trying.

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