Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Super Sporty?

honestly, the changing clothes aspect is what
 freaks me out the most.
I've always said that I would be interested in attempting a tri-athalon, but I neither swim nor bike.  I mean, I do know how to swim, I took lessons as a youth, but I certainly don't have anything resembling a technique, and I've barely been in the water since age twelve.  Likewise, prior to about six months ago, I hadn't been on a bike since junior high, and riding my new bike has quickly taught me that I'm really not very good at it--my legs were burning after a mere two miles!

Here's the rub though.

My new gym has a very nice pool, and I would kind of like to use it.  Especially since the month of February was my most injury-plagued month ever in my life (one injury, but a stupid, tenacious one), and I started remembering that swimming is a great, low impact workout that could be perfect for a gimpy girl like me!  I emailed a friend who used to be sporty but who has since given it up, and asked her if she had some goggles I could borrow.  Not only did she lend me goggles to keep indefinitely, but she gave me a swim cap (which I'm a bit scared to try on), and while we were chatting, something else came up.

Apparently, she still has a really nice racing bicycle that's just chilling out in her scary basement.  It needs a bit of work, but could be totally serviceable--and she'd let me use it.  So now it seems like my biggest excuse: I don't want to pay a ton of money for a good racing bike, is out the window.

I'm trying not to get ahead of myself because presently I've only ridden my bike once and I still haven't gone swimming, but there's a germ of an idea there.

I mean, if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade ergo, if life lends you a nice racing bike, you must do a tri-athalon?  Even with the free bike, this sounds like a lovely new way to spend gobs of money on gear and registration fees all in the name of 'health.'  Or you could look at it as a great way to potentially kill myself doing the Escape From Alcatraz Tri-Athalon that Danie and I talked about doing two years ago... remember that, Danie? How awesome would it be to escape from Alcatraz?

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  1. Do it at least once. The Crabman is very beginner friendly and enough months away that if you register now, you could be ready by then. I'm thinking of doing it again this year (again on my not so fast not racing bike...I'm a little jealous there...)