Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Cheap Week

I'm going to make this next week a cheap week, which is a term I just made up (but I still found a logo for it on the internets!), which means that I'm going to focus on spending as little as I can, but still have some frugal fun, and hopefully end the week with a feeling of accomplishment.

My week:
Saturday: Racquetball and PotLuck
Racquetball: I've never played racquetball, but my brother recently started playing with a friend of his and says it's great fun and great exercise. I've begged BF to play tennis with me, but he refuses, so racquetball is the compromise.  My new gym has a racquetball court, and I got BF a free two-week pass--Racquetball it is!*
Cost: 13 month gym membership, already paid.

Pot Luck: A friend who recently moved away will be back for a visit this weekend and we're having a low-key potluck.  I will be making this:
Tator tot Hotdish
It's going to be amazing.  Cost: probably about $6 for a whole lot of servings, and I fully plan to gorge myself on all the other offerings.

Sunday: Long run, household chores, bike basket, yoga
The weather is supposed to be 41 degrees and sunny, which means that I will be doing a long run outside.  I've had a bit of an odd injury this week, so I don't know if this will be a long, long run, but I'm hoping for minimum six miles, depending on how I feel.
Also, I still need to attach my basket to my bicycle, and I'd like to catch up on laundry and make a soup for the week.
And I have plans to do yoga with a friend.
Cost: Running-- free; bike basket--already paid; 20 Bikram yoga session fee-- already paid.

Monday: Personal Trainer
I have an appointment with a personal trainer at 7am on Monday.  I have no idea what's going to happen there (I've never had a personal training session before), but I'm expecting he's going to try to talk me into future sessions, which I will refuse.  Hopefully I'll learn some stuff, and then I can just avoid him for the next 13 months.
Cost: Included in 13 month gym membership.

Tuesday: Reading
I am going to do some reading and other leisure activities after work on Tuesday, and it's going to be delightful.
Cost: Free--library books, y'all!

Wednesday: A night at the theatre
A good friend of mine does PR for a local theatre company, which means that I will be seeing The Merchant of Venice for free, followed by free nibbles and free cocktails.  It's going to be awesome, and I'm totally looking forward to it.
Cost: Free!

Thursday: TBD
Thursdays I have the morning off and work 1-9.  I usually spend that morning going for a run and watching Tuesday's episode of The Biggest Loser (not at the same time).  That's probably what I'm going to do this Thursday, but I may change my mind.
Cost: Free!

Friday: Day off
Maybe go to the gym.  Maybe do absolutely nothing.  Maybe make a small grocery run--I just printed off a good stack of coupons, and need to grab some pantry items.  If it's nice out, I may go for a long walk and get a cupcake--that's a really awesome way to spend part of the day.
Cost: Possible $5 or so to a local business.  Possible grocery money.
Worth it!!
*UPDATE Apparently, unlike my brother's gym, my gym doesn't have rackets you can borrow.  BF and I went to the gym to play racquetball, but had to leave, which was annoying.  Now I'm on the hunt for two free/cheap rackets.

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