Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh no

It seem we are 1/3 of the way through the Newlyweds on a budget weight loss competition.  I had a feeling that that was coming.  Drat.

Today I'm pleased to announce that I have lost two pounds!  Certainly that's not a huge number, but honestly, my body builds muscle and hangs onto weight like a fat kid hangs onto cake, so I'm not too surprised.  Some recent developments RE: my health and fitness goals.

  1. I've started taking fish oil supplements as suggested by Why Women Need Fat, and I have to say, I feel like when I take them, I'm not so ravenously hungry all the time.  certainly I get hungry, but it's less of that OMG if I don't eat now I will die! feeling.  But there may be another reason for that, which I will outline in bullet point 2.
  2. I haven't been able to go running.  I've run 7 miles this month.  To put that into perspective, I usually run 25 miles a week.  It's February 14th, and I should be hovering around 35 miles right now.  I had some back issues a while back and they seem to have radiated down to my right leg.  I spent most of last week trying not to move, and now, I still can't run, so I've been trying to do other things.  Walking is a bit iffy too, but I can use the elliptical machine backward!  Not being able to run/walk has no doubt quelled my appetite significantly, so the fish oil thing may just be hooey.
  3. I have been doing the yoga, which may be how I hurt my leg.  Seems about right that I finally start stretching and hurt myself doing it.  Yoga two times a week makes me happy, but it's not the kind of euphoric cardio I crave. God, I miss running, I watched this video of Kara Goucher the other day, and got a bit choked up.  That was partly because I'm happy for her, but mostly because I want to run, damnit!
  4. I've been eating less/better, and feeling better because of it.  Hopefully, once I can get some cardio back in my life, I will drop some weight.
  5. The days are getting longer, so I will soon feel confident riding my bike to work.  I know, I'm a fraidy cat, but I also wanted to get some extra reflectors/flashing lights for the after dark biking--I want to live, damnit!
So there it is.  How's everyone else doing on the weight loss challenge, or, if you're not doing that, your other New Year's resolutions?