Sunday, February 26, 2012

Link Love: The Rules edition

Didn't care for the show, but I do like Jaime Bamber
He's the cheekbones on the left
I like rules.  I like Law and Order (not the tv show, I find it boring and tedious), I especially like it when you can access an expert who will tell you something that you want to know in a thoughtful and helpful manner.  Therefore, I present to you, my list of the best blogs for helping with certain aspects of life that we all need help with--even if we didn't know we did.

  • For tips on how to blog, I turn to Jessica Quirk at What I Wore.  She is also one of my go-tos for outfit and fashion ideas. This woman is stylish and smart, and I totally want to have lunch with her, maybe just follow her around for a while, but not in a creepy way (promise).  She also does her blog as a business, has interns, and gets invited to fashion week events--clearly she knows what she's doing.  Her book, What I Wore, is how I first discovered her--thank you new books cart at the library, and it's a very thoughtful and well-done instruction manual on matching, dressing for your body type, outfit remixes and looking like you have style, even if you may not.

  • Manners, life is much better, for everyone, when you deal with people who have manners.  I'm not talking about going completely overboard like the British do sometimes, but rather just knowing how to act in certain social situations.  Oftentimes, special occasions come up rather infrequently, and you're not quite sure what to do (at least this happens to me pretty often).  Then I get stressy and nervous and don't have a good time.  Reading up on the rules of decorum beforehand can alleviate that stress, and allow you to actually have a good time!  Living the dream!  Lauren Conrad tackles some frequent and infrequent social situations for which we may all need a manners brush up in: The Ladylike Laws.

So many social rules!

  • If you want to take your manners to the next level, check our Forever Young Adult's How to be a Ladynerd Downton Abbey series.  Even of you don't want to be a full-on LadyNerd, it might really come in handy to know how to make a home-made fascinator or serve a high tea.

  • Wasting food sucks and it's just like throwing money away, but I often find that I can't or don't know how to store produce properly to make it last.  Enter: This handy list from My Thirty Spot: How to Store Fruits and Vegetables so They Don't Rot.  I printed this off, and I keep it in my kitchen with my cookbooks--genius!
If anyone else has found awesome online tutorials etc., please give them a shout out in the comments.  We can always learn more.

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