Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Remix: Round Two, Summer into Fall

This past week, The Everyday Minimalist did a series on remixing outfits that was totally helpful and awesome.  It's like she read my mind! I really like the idea of using a dress as a skirt or a top rather than as a dress, and I think I'll get there soon, but not quite yet.  This week a dress is still a dress, just appropriate for a different season.

Behold, my adorable dress from Modcloth:
Perfect summer dress and it has enough coverage in the boob area that I can wear it to work at the library.  But since it's a summer dress, that means I have to put it to the back of my closet at the end of August, no?

Hell no:

With a little cardigan and a belt: voila!  Perfect for fall.  It's still warm enough that I could go barelegged with a pair of black flats, but once it gets colder, I can go with tights and boots and be just as cozy.  Double bonus, I have a similar belt in brown, so I can re-remix this outfits in earthier tones should I feel like it.

What's likely to happen in this situation, is that I will remix this dress in so many ways that my co-workers will get sick of looking at it, but who cares!


  1. Yesyesyes... I've been watching like 3 episodes of What Not To Wear everyday for the last few weeks (yay for DVR!) and it drives me bonkers when the people are like, "But I bought that skirt to wear with that other top" and Stacy and Clinton have to be like "OMFG YOU CAN WEAR IT WITH ANY TOP, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!"

    Ahem. Your dress is adorable, I love ModCloth to pieces, and the remix is genius. I somehow missed that Everyday Minimalist post and just read it too and it reminds me of the great usefulness of BELTS.

  2. BELTS! I came late to the belt party, but they are officially my new favorite accessory--expecially the stretchy ones.