Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Internet is Magic Link Love

Want to make more money for doing nothing?  Then you might consider a high interest rate checking account. did a survey of what's available including APY and account balance limit.  Sorry this sounds so much like a commercial, I just really love earning interest!

LearnVest examines whether or not you need a tailor to fix your clothes--genius!

The lovely Annabelle from Shopping Detox is participating in the Food Basket Challenge, which is where regular, non-food pantry users get their food from the food pantry for a week (they don't get to pick what they get), and embrace the challenge of eating healthily on a "mixed bag" of items.  This is fascinating because there have been times when I've considered actually going to the food bank, but never felt quite poor enough to do it.  Plus, like Annabelle, every item I've ever donated has been something like a can of spagettiO's or Pasta Roni i.e. not the healthiest stuff and not something I'd want to eat. It's great to learn what the food pantry actually gives a person, but how you have to use a bit of ingenuity.

I like most of what Kristen has to say on The Frugal Girl, but this post made me sigh a little sigh of agreement. Although, in my case, I'd change one line to "learn to like the companionship of cats" instead of dogs.
I mean--come on!  What's better than that?

I love xkcd web comics--and I really love this one where they talk about "frugal" behavior.
Pajama Jeans are the worst thing ever.  Worse than jeggings.  We should talk about this more often.

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  1. *shuddering at pajama jeans*

    Thanks for the shoutout (and thanks for following my food basket adventures, too!).