Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remix: Round Three

I got this dress for $4 at Target about two years ago.

Because it was hella on clearance, I had to take a size large, which is just a wee bit too big, but since it's all loose and flowy, it doesn't matter too much.

I just loved this detail too much to pass it up.  The problem is that this dress has pretty much no coverage on top, and because of the deeps V, I can't even wear a strapless bra with it, meaning I have to go braless.  I do not go braless.  Because of that, this has become my "lying around the house" dress, which works, but seems like a waste since it is so cute.  Now, I am going to try out that whole using a dress as a skirt thing, and I think this is an ideal first candidate.

First I tried wearing the skirt with a navy button-down over it:

Not bad.  The issue here is that because the dress is so large, the belt really pinches it making those gathers which I do not care for. I tried it first with a tighter belt, which was a huge problem, so I also had to settle for the belt with the cut-out shape in the front, which doesn't really disguise the shirt knot that well--that belt had a lot to contain.  Overall, I do not care for it.

I swapped out the button-down for a tank top and cardigan.  The cardigan serves both the purpose of keeping me warm, but also hiding some of the bunching around the waist.  End result:
Much better, I think.  The tank top is thinner, so I feel less bulky overall, and the cardigan handily disguises many of the weird wrinkles.  Add in my pair of brown boots, and we've got some hippie librarian chic!

What do you guys think?


  1. I actually like the first one better, but then I can't really see the shirt knot you're talking about. I especially love the color combination.

    I need to figure out how to make some of my similar halter dresses work the same way. My biggest problem with dresses and skirts though, is that in the summer time they've always got the air conditioning on at work, and in the winter time, I don't want to leave the house without long underwear on.

  2. I do like the first one the more I look at it, but I think I'd need to buy a different belt to really make it work. I'll keep experimenting.

    I've started amassing a collection of stretch pants for just that reason. At my job where it's cold, I have a drawer with scarf, shawl, extra sweater, and then I bring stretch pants if needed. At my job where it's too hot, I just overdress and remove layers as needed.

    Couldn't you wear the long underwear getting to work, and then take it off once there? Just stash it in your desk or something?

  3. Not sure how much extra fabric is really there, but can you go from the elastic (?) looking empire part at the chest and simply sew down the sides to take it in a little? It might look odd around the top, but if you are just covering it up anyways....that might stop the bunching of the extra fabric around the waist.

  4. I could possibly do that. The only concern I'd have with that, is then I'd have two extra fabric folds at the side seams. I wouldn't want to start cutting it apart cause that could be a disaster, but the skirt is lined, so I'm not sure if nipping it in at all would help. Perhaps the two side seams would be preferable to bunching around the waist.

  5. Turn it inside out, sew it down the sides, then cut out the line of extra fabric, leaving the new seam in place and have just small fabric edges? My mom has resized many of my a-line type skirts, though none have a sheer looking layer.

  6. Cute! I like both looks. I have some dresses that are bit too low-cut for the contracting job, so what I do is wear a scarf that covers everything. Perfect at this time of year!