Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School Link Love

Really, none of these links have anything to do with Back to School, I'm just hyper-aware that it is back to school time and all of my summertime lollygagging may bite me in the ass right quickly.  Don't ask me to explain Ebsco to you just yet, give me some time to catch back up.

In this meantime: from nearby Massachusetts, there's a Bat in the Library!!!  I love bats, I think they're among the adorableist creatures, but if I had one in my library, I might just jump up on a chair and scream.  It turns out that that's what I do when my cat catches a mouse, so bat, probably, even though standing on a chair puts me closer to the bat.  I can't explain it.
Full disclosure: I've never read this
Keeping with the bat theme, these videos are awesome, and this research is being done just three blocks from my house (give or take, I'm not sure which building).

I can't deny I've got a pretty serious crush on ultrarunner Scott Jurek.  I don't want to do what he does (100 miles in a single race, I'll stick with 13.1, thanks), but I love reading about it nonetheless.  Plus, he's from Minnesota (like me!) and he currently lives in the same city as my BFF, which means that we're destined to be pals.  Anyway, he just finished his fifth Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (google translate tells me that means tired but elated (not really)), so here's a recap


  1. Hey! Been reading a bunch of this today (thanks for entertaining me for far too long by the way) and just saw this post about your crush on Scott Jurek. He does live here in Boulder and incidentally, Nathan actually knows him and his brother from back in Duluth. From high school, I think? Don't remember the whole story, but I think Nate and his brother used to be good buddies. Anyway, maybe somehow this addt'l link will help the two of you become actual pals someday. Or at least help you meet him or something. ;)


  2. Dude, I totally know he lives in Boulder but I certainly did NOT know that Nathan actually know him! Score!!