Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Waste Friday: Mango Chipotle Salmon

You may wonder why this appears to be in a cat food bowl.
Well, everyone in this household had to do their part before
this food got wasted--including Wee Watson, the house mascot
and Feline Companion.  He didn't like it either.
We eat a lot of the Starkist flavor fresh tuna packs in this house, and I don't know if I bought this salmon one by accident or how exactly it ended up in our house, but it's been here a while.  I'd see it on the shelf, but never really knew what to do with it, so there it stayed.  Then one day last week, bf was looking for an add-in for his mac and cheese (we usually use the hickory smoked starkist tuna pouch, which is fab), and we were out of everything but the Mango Chipotle Salmon.  Not to belittle his choices, but it's pretty clear that mango chipolte and mac and cheese is not going to be a winning flavor combination.

I gamely tried to use up the rest by making a sandwich to take to work, but bottom line is: I just don't really like salmon.  I know it's good for me, and I try to eat it sometimes, but I really don't like the taste.  I'm officially going to stop trying now.

Not to make this into a rant, but has anyone else ever noticed that there seem to be some foods that you're not allowed to dislike?  I grew up a pretty picky eater, so I got used to people getting frustrated when I would refuse to try things. But now I've grown up and I will try almost anything.  However, when I tell people that I don't like certain foods, like shrimp, for example, people seem to get offended.  "Oh, you must not have had good shrimp.  You should really try it again." Recently bf and I were talking about lobster and I said that I don't think I like it.  "Well how many times have you had it? Where did you eat it?"

My answer: "Maine, which is where you go for lobster."

Does this happen to anyone else?  Anyway, the reason I bring it up is that the same thing has happened occasionally with salmon, which is why I've eaten it so damn many times.  I feel like there's a failure to enjoy salmon on my part--I'm just not trying hard enough, or I haven't had the right salmon.

Let the record show: I do not care for parsnips, salmon, shrimp or steak (though I have to admit, I've never eaten steak, but I don't care for any other beef I've ever tried, so why would I waste my money on steak?).  That means there's just more for everyone else.


  1. I'm a picky eater too, and I hate when people question things that I don't like in that annoying, judgmental way, like I must be CRAZY. To this day I still hate peas and green beans, I don't like cooked vegetables (prefer cold and raw) but will try them out, depending on the cook.

  2. Okay I don't want to be one of those people who tells you what you must try to eat, but I will say that I have a friend who never ate beef. At all. Then she tried a steak. And loved it. She still doesn't eat ground beef or roasts or anything but she does love a good steak every now and then.

    Just sayin....

    Great blog, I enjoy reading it! I'll try to delurk myself more often.

  3. I think you are legitimately allowed to dislike certain foods, especially if you've tried them more than once in several different places. I feel like people say what they do because so many picky eaters say they don't like things that they haven't tried or they've only eaten once at a questionable restaurant.

    But clearly that's not the case with you, so when you say you don't like something, you actually don't like it. End of story.

  4. Sometime try to mix salmon with cream cheese, it makes a terrific dip for crackers! or salmon with some mayo on a half bagle broiled with some shredded cheese on top is delish!

  5. Ha, I'm also a super picky eater but I'm your mirror image - salmon and lobster are my favourites! I was at a conference with a gluten-free vegetarian, and she pointed out that she's able to eat a larger variety of things than I am, with my pickiness.

    Anyway, I saw the title of your post and was like, "Yum! Mango chipotle salmon! I want to see this recipe!"