Thursday, June 23, 2011

Frugal Packing

Frugal Packing Rule #1 when it comes to frugal packing, is always pack light.  I'm going away for five days, and bringing a backpack, purse and suitcase.  This is far too much luggage for a five-day jaunt, but I have a plan.

When I went to the smaller version of this conference in January, I was shocked to find that there are large amounts of swag to be gotten.  Most of this stuff is stuff I don't personally want, but when I tried to sell my haul online, I found out that other people want it enough for me to make a tidy profit.  Hence the suitcase.  Fingers crossed that I get enough goodies, to pay myself back for the hotel room (unlikely, but I can dream).
Suitcase is currently full of snacks
Frugal packing rule #2: Bring snacks!  Everything in the airport is overpriced, and you will get hungry on the way to your destination.  Cut out the middleman and bring snacks you actually want to eat rather than settling for greasy chips or the airport Chili's.  I'm bringing extra snacks to fortify me during the daytime parts of my vacation since I have a lot of free evening meal opportunities.

Frugal Packing Rule #3: Bring used paperbacks and don't bring them home.  I collect used paperbacks from the library booksale rack.  These cost $1 each, and then when I'm done, I just leave them behind-- like the Johnny Appleseed of books, except I'm not teaching people how to read books, just placing them in their eyeline.  There is nothing better than feeling your luggage get lighter as you go through your journey, or leaving a book on a bench in the airport, and then seeing someone's face light up as he or she finds it.  Gratifying.

And I'm off!


  1. Have fun! And Larabars are soooo delicious. The peanut butter and jelly ones are my favorite.

  2. Mmmm..Larabars....I recommend lemon or coconut (but NOT the chocolate coconut one!!!)

  3. Ooh, the cherry pie Larabars are delish! Yes, I make sure I have an extra suitcase/tote for ARCs and fun stuff when I go to library conferences. And when I was a school librarian, I'd bring back the free (advertising) pens, pencils & highlighters for my teachers - you just can't imagine how much of their personal money they spend on supplies for their students *unless you have teachers in the family!

    Have you seen, where you can register (free) the books that you want to "release" and then track their travels when a finder logs in the book online? A neat concept that goes along with your great advice to (a) take paperbacks and (b) don't plan on bringing them back at all!

    Have a fabulous time - and when you go by the Unshelved booth (the library webcomic) sign up to get it (free) by e-mail if you don't already and tell Bill that Katy from Florida/Texas said hi! Their badge ribbon is always great, so get one (free)!

    **Katy M
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  4. I was going to comment; "Have you seen bookcrossing to release your books". However Katy beat me to it :-)

    I've had books go from Australia to a couple of countries in Europe and then back to Australia again. Very cool...