Monday, June 20, 2011

Moneywise Monday: Beg Borrow Steal

Well, not so much begging or stealing, but borrowing totally rules.  As you've all heard me go on and on about, I have a conference/ mini-vacation coming up in New Orleans--actually, I leave this Thursday, woot!  So I'm still working on getting that credit card down to zero before I go, which won't happen because I leave on Thursday and get paid on Friday, but that's just details.

Since this is the American Library Association's annual conference, it is a huge event (picture 11,000 women and 500 men in sensible shoes descending on The Big Easy--sorry hip young librarians, you know it's true).  I've never been, but the Midwinter Conference that I went to in January was pretty overwhelming, so this one may just do my head in.  I am trying to be organized and plan things out beforehand, but there's only so much you can actually plan before you get there and know the lay of the land.  I found myself wanting to buy a tiny computer, or map out internet cafes (do those even exist anymore?)  Just so I could get there, figure out where everything is, and then plan.

That's not a very good strategy because it's potentially very time-consuming and/or impossible and buying a tiny computer for one conference is just silly. I also tried to plan things, and make copious amounts of printouts, but that's an awful lot of paper, and I don't like using/carrying around a lot of paper.  Then I remembered that a dear friend bought a netbook a while ago, so she could do work on her train commute.  I made a call and asked if I could borrow it, she acquiesced, and now I am in possession of a teeny tiny computer that is exactly what I need to help navigate the conference and the city!  Huzzah!  I may even do some blogging while there--who knows!

Blogging will be a bit spotty this week since I'll be working extra hours before I go, and frantically trying to pack, but I'll be back soon to tell you all how I scored tons of free meals!

Anyone else have some moneywise successes this week?


  1. I'm on a netbook right now, as my husband is in San Antonio for workshop (and jealous that you'll be at ALA...)

    He was out w/team for dinner last night, so I was solo and went to famed 24-hour Mexican restaurant Mi Tierra. It's notorious for long, long wait times to be seated, but as a single I got seated immediately at a long counter w. other friendly solo travelers. One less-frugal thing: I upgraded to a better margarita (totally worth it).

    My two frugal(er) moves - 1) I had breakfast for supper. Their machacado was great - eggs scrambled w/homemade dried beef, tomatoes & onions, plus refried beans, bkfst potatoes, tortillas (& chips & salsa). Cheaper than other entrees, more food & I love bkfst anytime!
    2) Stopped at their bakery and got gingerbread pig & sweet potato turnover for this morning's bkfst (the room has coffeemaker, but no free breakfast at this hotel :-()

    I walked there from hotel, so no parking fees either!

    Hoping for similar great deals over in the King William Historic District for lunch today.

    Eat a beignet in NOLA for me!
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  2. The better margarita is always worth it!