Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Like the financial guru that I long to be, I have taken a friend under my wing for money/budget advice and to act as a financial AA sponsor. She's going to be good enough to keep track of her progress, which I will then anonymize for you, my twelve readers, to read and share tips, tricks and encouragement.

A little background:

Protege has a full-time, benefitted position that she actually enjoys--living the dream! What she also has is student loan debt, credit card debt and an expensive apartment that she's lease-locked into until at least June. So we're working with what we have, and making the best, because that's what grownups do.

Major expenses: Rent, gas, utilities--not much can be done about these, especially this time of year.

Areas that need cutting: Eating out and food in general. Socializing may have to take a hit, and grocery spending could be reigned in.

Major goals: Pay off credit cards and start saving.

It's going to be tricky, but between protege's gung-ho attitude and my incessant nagging, we should do just fine. Thank you, internet, for providing accountability.

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