Monday, November 1, 2010

Monthly Goals--November

It seems a bit like cheating to post about monthly goals on a blog that has been sorely neglected for almost all of October, but it is what it is. I'm adjusting better to my new work schedule and working only nights; I'm getting better at using my days productively. Unfortunately, as happens every time the seasons change, I've been buying clothes and blowing my budget (only in that column).

Last month's goals were to pay back savings account to the point where I have 8 months worth of living expenses tucked away; start paying back student loans (only slightly), and be a little less rigid with my money and enjoy life a bit more.

I'm proud to report I've pretty much succeeded in all those. I socked away a whopping $1000 in savings while still throwing $100 at the student loan folks. I'm well on track to my savings goal, and am feeling quite smug for giving money to student loan people. I have no idea why that makes me feel smug, honestly, because I knew I had to pay it back when I borrowed it, and I certainly intend to... How about, instead of smug, we'll say I felt smart.

As to the goal of enjoying myself more. I went out for dinner/drinks with friends a couple nights, and had a lovely time. I've been treating myself to a coffee before work occasionally, which I would have talked myself out of before, and I'm going to take my stylist's advice and get my haircut more than three times a year. Getting a haircut isn't terribly enjoyable, though my stylist is a fascinating and lovely person, but looking good appeals to me much more than looking stringy and bedraggled (as I have been) so there you go.

Goals for November are as follows:
  1. I'm stocked up on winter clothes, I re-inventoried my closet the other day to remind myself what I already have, so I need to take a huge step back from all these clothes purchases. I would like a pair of black shoes, so I'm going to keep on the hunt for those, but I don't need scarves, jackets, sweaters or any of the other things I really want to buy.
  2. Continue replenishing savings account while paying a bit toward the student loans. I've decided to go to a library conference on January, so I need to start feeding the travel fund as well. I've asked for scholarship money, but I'm certainly not going to get enough to cover all my expenses and money I lose by missing work, so need to save.
  3. Try baking bread again. After getting some sage advice from actual bread-bakers, I think I'm better prepared to have another go. Plus, I've got those four packets of yeast--can't waste them.

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