Monday, November 22, 2010

Lean times ahead

In my frenzy to adjust to my new work schedule and learn how to do my new job, I completely forgot one major thing: I'm on an academic schedule now. What this means is that with the looming winter intercession, comes a severe dropoff in hours. In fact, between December 21 and at least January 2nd, I have no hours at all. At first I thought yay! I'll finally have some nights off! Then I realized, oh yeah, I can't really be out cavorting if my income is cut in half.

Pair this serious downshift in work with the fact that I'm committed to go to a library conference in January, and I'm forced to admit that I may be a bit of a dumbass.

Like all setbacks, I'm determined to take this one in stride. Afterall, it's only temporary, and it will actually be nice to have a few nights off during the most depressing part of the year to eat some comfort foods and curl up in my reading chair. I do need to keep myself in check, however, spendingwise, as I have gotten a bit freer with the clothes-buying.

I'm lucky in that no one really expects x-mas gifts from me, so I save money there, and knowing I have this expensive (but warm!) trip coming will give me something to focus on. I'll have to dial back the saving (damnit), but if I keep spending like I have been, I should still be able to sock a little away.

Time to give myself some frugal assignments to pass the time productively...

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