Thursday, November 11, 2010

Because it's free, of course

A friend sent me an article the other day, which surprised me at first, but then really makes sense when you think about it. According to a study by OCLC, a nonprofit library co-operative and research organization, Public Libraries circulate more movies than Netflix, Redbox and bricks and mortar video stores.

Since I'm a librarian, and I know that we have an exceptional collection of DVDs that circulate like crazy, I wasn't shocked by this, but I still thought Netflix would be the clear winner. Thinking back to my own video needs though, I have Netflix, which I've dropped down from the 3-at-a-time plan to 2-at-a-time to save $5 a month, but I still borrow heavily from the library. Between the two, my needs are more than met.

It's just so basic, if you can get something for free--legally, why wouldn't you? Frugal Rule #1 Get Thee to the Library!

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