Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh yeah...

My friend Elizabeth over at the unemployed librarian reminded me that since it's the last day of August, I should revisit my monthly goals. That also means I should come up with some new ones, I bet. First things first:

1. Start planning to menu plan

Well, that's just not going to happen. I planned to plan, and discovered that I just cannot plan. It's not for me. Now I need to let go of the guilt. That will be on the list for next month. It's just such a good idea! But, it just doesn't work for my life.

2. Cut down on spending and make a little more money

I think I can say that I met this goal... mostly. I did get back to freelance writing, albeit not as much as I could have. I managed to swing a couple extra shifts at a library where I'm a fill-in, and I got another job! From now on (unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong) I will be making a nearly liveable wage! I promise that I won't let it change me.

My food budget for the month was higher than usual because I had some last minute adventuring thrown in before summer's end, but I was way under budget in that column anyway. Patting myself firmly on the back.

3. Get back under budget

Well, that didn't happen in the food column but otherwise I was pretty much on target. I went over in clothes (for the new job--necessary expense), but used birthday money, so doesn't count.

Goals for September:

  1. Get over the guilt of not menu planning
  2. Cook more now that it won't be so hateful to run the oven. I have scads of good fall recipes from last Thanksgiving's Bon Appetit magazine and I should really cook some of them. Man, I love fall.
  3. Live as if I'm making the same amount of money as before. I said my new income won't change me, and I'm determined to not let it. I'm going to do my best to live on the amount of money I was making working only one part-time job and sock the rest away in savings or send it to direct loans.
That's enough for this month. I'm going to be worn out trying to learn names and settle into my new environment--best not overwhelm myself.

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