Tuesday, August 10, 2010

French Bread Pizza

The BF is addicted to those frozen Red Baron and Stouffer's French Bread Pizzas. When we first started dating, he eagerly warmed one up for me and presented it with a hopeful flourish. I choked it down, and then later (after we'd been dating a bit longer) told him that it tasted like chemical-soaked cardboard. Since I'm trying to cook for him as well because he just can't/won't cook for himself and it's more cost-effective to cook for two, I decided to revamp this disgusting favorite meal into something tasty and healthy.

This is exactly what it sounds like--pizza on french bread, and therefore, it's super easy.

One loaf french bread
Pizza Sauce
mozzarella or preferred cheese blend
desired toppings--I used spinach, mushrooms, sausage and green pepper, but no more than three topping per pizza

  • My plan was to make up a bunch of these pizzas and freeze them so when I'm not around, he can eat real food. To start, I measured the french bread against the size container I had to freeze it in, and then hacked off a chunk.
  • Once the loaf was in chunks, I cut those in half, and scooped out a bit of the middle to create a nice divot for the toppings.
  • add sauce
  • add toppings
  • wedge into container for freezing
  • take the pizzas that you're not freezing, and heat them up on the George Forman grill and enjoy with a glass of sangria
These were super tasty, and I think they'll heat up well too. Sadly, the french bread doesn't hold a ton of toppings--it's pretty narrow, but still, good stuff. Also, I could not find non-shredded mozzarella cheese at the grocery store. All they had was pre-shredded in a bag, or fancy mozzarella balls--no brick, no savings.

Even considering how dirt-cheap the Red Baron and Stouffer's versions of these pizzas are, I still undercut doing it my way:
$2 for pizza sauce
$2 for cheese
$1.79 for french bread
$1 for toppings
Total $6.79 for 8 pizzas about $.85 apiece vs. $3.50 for two of the Stouffer's or $1.75 apiece.

...and I still have half a jar of sauce

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  1. If you make your own French bread, it's even cheaper. :)