Monday, August 26, 2013

New Job, New Budget

Doesn't it feel like I start a new job every year?  Man, I'm getting tired of that, but I promise you (barring something catastrophic) I'm staying put now!    One thing that is definitely going to take some getting used to at the new job is the fact that I only get paid once a month.  I did some looking at the calendar, and I won't get my first full paycheck until October 31.  I'll get a small check at the end of September, but I won't actually know my full take-home pay for another two months. 


Also, for some reason, I have become obsessed with the idea of finally getting a smart phone.  I can't be spending money I haven't earned yet, and I really need to avoid lifestyle inflation!  Got to keep my head straight.

One thing that should make it a little easier to not go crazy with the spending is the fact that I now work in an academic library.  That means that from the time classes start September 2 through about the end of October, work is going to be insane.  Couple that with the fact that I have been trying my hardest to cram so much info into my brain every day that I've just been going home exhausted and I just want to get away from the computer.  I've been watching a lot of Top Model these days--it soothes me.
Keep on Smizing!

So, even though the paycheck situation is a bit fraught, I have savings and my emergency fund to keep me fed and housed, plus I got all my vacation paid out from my last job, so I have a tidy nest egg to sustain me.

My plan is to just not overspend and be a sensible as I can be.  I don't have any big things I need, and if I do decide to treat myself to a smart phone for my birthday, I can still wait until I know exactly what my take-home pay is going to be.  I did get a significant pay bump with this new job, but I'm also having more taken out for retirement (10%), taxes will be higher, etc and I'm joining the campus gym (which I have to pay for--booo).  I honestly do not know what to expect, but it's still very exciting.

I'm looking forward to getting my saving back on track because I have been a serious slacker girl in that department.  I'm also looking forward (take this with a grain of salt) to making some significant progress with my higher interest student loans.  I just want to get them to the place when they aren't accruing so much, and then I can dial back on how much I'm sending in each month.  I know it's a bit silly, but having that situation where I went back into forebearance and then just lost all the progress I made really, really pissed me off.

Wish me luck!


  1. Living within your means is a smart idea. I wish you luck!

  2. Frugal is cool and all that, but please, don't be too hard on yourself :) Heheh. It's really all the matter of flexibility and adaptability in any given situation, wherein while we may stumble and veer away from certain commitments, we should still be able to think on the fly and improvise the means to get back on track. Sometimes, we've got to owe someone.