Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Five Good Things

I'm on vacation right now, but my brother wasn't able to take much time off work, so my vacation is consisting of lounging around his apartment and catching up on True Blood and other cable shows and going running.  It's pretty sweet.  So let's take a look at some stuff that's really working for me right now.

Pizza is the most perfect food there is, and when my brother and I get together, we basically eat pizza every day.  Last time I was here, I ate pizza every single day for at least one meal, and I regret nothing!  So far, we've only been to Pizza Luce, but we've got lots of time.

It is 101 degrees outside today.  My brother lives near a collection of small running/biking trails in the woods, so it's a little cooler to go running there, but in 101 degree heat, I'm not going outside unless I absolutely have to.  I opted for the treadmill in his apartment complex's fitness center, and it was absolutely perfect.  I knocked out five miles while watching The Price is Right, and since I was the only person there, I angled both fans toward me.

--Cable and Giant TVs
When I'm on vacation, I get to do whatever I want without guilt.  That includes really enjoying my brother's ridiculously large tv + cable.
Seriously, what is up with guys and giant tvs?

Giant tvs and cable are not something I need in my regular life since I usually only watch tv a few times a week, but on vacation, it's a nice luxury.  Plus, binge watching tv for a week gets me all caught up for the rest of the year!

--Fair Food
It is time for The Great Minnesota Get-Together aka The Minnesota State Fair. Despite the fact that this is the 2nd largest state fair in the US, and I grew up in Minnesota, I have never been before.  We went out there briefly on Saturday, and I was completely overwhelmed but still managed to eat part of a corn dog, cheese curds, a giant pickle, lefse and a veggie taco (I am vegetarian, but I usually eat 2-4 hotdogs per year, I only break my vegetarianism for offal).  Up next on the agenda, I need to try some Poutine, maybe some deep fried bread pudding and more cheese curds.  It's a shame that the heat kind of kills my appetite, but I will persevere!

I miss my Watson, but I left him in good hands, so he'll be well taken care of.  I've been spending my week with my bro's cat: The Great Catsby.

Catsby is a little strange looking these days.  His fur was getting matted, so a couple days ago he got a "Lion cut." Normally he's got thick black fur, but right now, he's mostly bald.  He's still cute though!  It's fun to spend time with other cats.

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