Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Farm Share: Week 2

Look at all that stuff!
Now you're probably saying to yourself: it's been three weeks since she started this farm share!  Why is she saying it's only week two?  First off, I'd like to thank you for being so observant--don't let me think I can get away with anything.  Secondly, last week was the week of the non-working fridge/ mini-vacation, so I gave all my veg to my farm sharing partner.  Let me say though, this week certainly made up for the shortfall, and now I'm really, really glad I'm sharing all this bounty with someone else.

This week's offerings are:

garlic scapes
red mustard buds and leaves
rainbow lacinata kale
english shelling peas
broadleaf endive
bunched french sorrel
prize choy asian 
cooking greeneaster egg radishes
lettuce mix with some claytonia (the small white flowered plant)
fava shoots
tall top beets

I totally traipsed up to the pickup place with my single grocery bag expecting it to be half full like the last two weeks--not so.  I didn't even take everything, and I still was panicking about how to get it all back to the car.  Also, last week, they were out of radishes by the time I got to the pickup, so I this week, I took two!  Brazen, I know, but pickup is from 4-7pm and I can't make it til 6:15!  All the best veg is gone by then!
My radishes are currently pickling away in the fridge--I'm really, really excited about this.  

I've also pushed past my fear of the bok choy, or prize choy as it's called in that list up top.  A little internetting and asking google the question "What do you do with bok choy?" "and how to you cut bok choy?" Made me realize that I've eaten this scary vegetable many, many time in Asian and Pan-Asian (same thing, different thing?  I don't know, but I want to be inclusive) cuisine.  It's that onion-looking thing that doesn't taste like an onion, but has a satisfying crunch!

I stir-fried my bok choy with some olive oil, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, barley and sriracha and damn if I don't just feel like the smartest girl ever.  Therefore this is the week where I learned:

Scary vegetables can be stir-fried and they will become familiar--and tasty!

This is similar to the day when I realized that everything tastes good oven roasted with olive oil, salt and pepper.

What a relief, I tell you.  Next adventure--what the hell to do with the fava shoots.  They're pretty, they smell good, but they have flowers and I've been trained not to eat flowers (by eating flowers as a child and finding them bitter--you did it too, admit it).

Flowers!  Are flowers food?
Maybe I'll just stir fry them and hope for the best?  Suggestions welcome.

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