Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's a Caper

It seems that what I had previously chalked up to being allergies may actually be a full-blown cold with an allergy overlay.  Seriously, I woke up yesterday morning with an upset stomach, muscle soreness, sniffles and had no idea what kind of drugs to throw at the problem. Eventually, I dealt with the problems in ascending order of what I most needed to conquer first, and over the course of two hours ended up taking pills for just about everything.

Yesterday, I woke up early because I had to run my first race of the season, which was an interesting experience considering all my current ailments.  For more on that, check out my other blog.  After the race, I came home, did some snacking and reading, and then BF and I set out to get the new item that will change my food life forever:
Our new-to-us deep freeze!
Just look at all that storage space!  It bring a tear to my eye, but that tear might also be head cold-related.

It isn't a full sized deep freeze like the one my parent's had that could hold a whole cow--in pieces, but it's still pretty substantial.  What is most interesting about this deep freeze is the steps we had to take to actually get it to the house.

I drive a Chevy Malibu, which is a car that's just large enough it's annoying to parallel park, but not large enough to really help you out when you need to haul things--like a deep freeze.  We tried to put it in the front seat, the back seat and trunk and after that, we were pretty much out of places to try to fit a deep freeze.  Thankfully, the house we were picking it up from was only a few blocks away, so we came up with a Plan B.

BF is a physicist and often physicists have hand trucks lying around to move large pieces of equipment.  He had the idea that we would go to the building where he works and 'borrow' a hand truck.  He painted a mental picture of a building full of scientists with hand trucks around every corner, but it turns out that the custodial staff don't actually leave them lying around, and my suggestion to 'borrow' a rolling desk chair instead was met with a scoff.

Eventually, after walking around and around seven floors and the basement, we found a colleague working in his office.  This awesome person, had keys to a magical room full of hand trucks, and he allowed us to take one off of the property.  We drove the hand truck to the freezer, bungee-ed the freezer to the hand truck, and then I drove home while BF walked our new gadget home.  After that, we moved the freezer into our apartment, brought back the hand truck and went and got frozen yogurt.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this new development.  Not only did we get a practically new freezer for 1/4 of the price that we would have paid for a new one, but now when there are kickass sales on the frozen foods we eat so frequently, I can really stock up.  Double bonus, our fridge-top freezer should be able to run more efficiently once it's not completely stuffed, and we'll actually be able to see the food that's in there instead of pulling everything out trying to locate some sugar snap peas.  Now I just have to muster up the energy to go to the store.

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