Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Things Friday

My blogging lately has been awfully inconsistent, but perhaps starting to do a Five Things Friday will keep me more on task!  Falltime is my busiest time of year, so I'm just struggling to keep my head above water right now, but there are some interesting things happening too if I'd just stop and pay attention once in a while.

1. I signed up for a fall farm share.  My last experience with the farm share, was not great, but I still didn't want to completely thrown in the towel.  There's a group who coordinate with a bunch of local farms and this group delivers veggie boxes all over town--including to my work.  One of the biggest hassles with my previous farmshare was having to run there right after work and pick out the veg that were leftover from all the people who got there right at 2pm (note: who the hell can go pick up produce at 2pm?).  This time, they pack up a box just for me, and I get an email when it has arrived.  I also only get a box every other week, which will be much more manageable.  I'm very excited about this!

2. Fall temps mean more open windows and less A/C.  I'm excited to get that bill back down to a more comfortable range.

3. Gentleman Scholar aka the fiancee has officially moved into my place.  We've done pretty well with selling a lot of things to the new batch of incoming grad students, and we'll still have a few more things to sell after we're more settled.  Right now my apartment looks a bit like a jumbled mess, but not nearly as bad as I predicted.  Plus, it's nice to have him around more (and the cat has been scamming extra feedings, so I know he's happy too).

4.  I got a couple of those 0% interest credit card advance checks.  Normally I just tear those up and throw them away, but this time I noticed that it's 0% interest for over a year.  My thought is, I can take an advance of cash at 0%, make a large student loan payment to one of my giant 6.5% loans, and actually start making a bit of progress again.  Paying the card back off in a year should be no trouble, and this will save me a bit of cash long term.  It may be genius, it may be folly.  I'll report back!

5. The high temperature is supposed to be 74 today!  It has been cooling off beautifully at night, and that makes me so, so much happier.  Once my leg is healed from my stupid running injury, I'm going to get back out there in the mornings without having to worry about being unable to cool down before work!

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  1. Great read! I think it's a great idea to simply jot down 5 things happening in your life to get you blogging more. Your farm share point sounds really cool, I'll have to research that in my area, thanks for sharing!