Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gone Dormant

I've had the idea in the back of my mind over and over for the last few months that I should really write a blog entry.  But then, I haven't.  My blogging has been super sporadic since I started my new job, and while a lot of that is down to just having a lot more responsibilities i.e. coming home tired a lot, another big part of it is that whole getting paid once a month thing.

It seems that when I don't have money coming into my life on a regular basis, I just don't think about it that much.  I kind of suspected that would be the case, but it's also surprising how it's just not on my radar.  I still update my daily budget, and I don't think my spending has gone out of control, but I feel like I have much less of a handle on it.  Nothing I can do about that, so  I'll continue to try to adjust.

Strangely, the month of February has brought a few extra checks my way, which has got me thinking about money again.
  • I filed my taxes and just got two healthy tax returns.  Since I am a good citizen, I immediately made a student loan payment.  Since I have been really, really slacking in the student loan payment department (I've been paying the minimum, but not attacking with my previously aggressive strategy), I found that paying $500 got me back to where I had been in November.  BUT, I made sure that my entire payment went only to the principle balance of one of my high interest loans, so that will save me major ducats over the long haul.
  • I worked a shift at job #2, which isn't a ton of cash, but 60% of that goes into my Roth IRA, which I have really been neglecting.
  • I did jury duty--again.  I got called up for jury duty exactly three years ago (which is the minimum amount of time they can wait), and then BOOM, blue notice in the mail again saying they would love to have me back.  Still, work paid me for the time I was sitting in the jury box, and I have a cool $30 coming in the mail soon.

On the downside, I had the major expense of a new laptop.  I finally decided to spend the money on a nice Macbook Pro, rather than keep buying a cheap PC every three years.  Thankfully, I have an emergency fund for just such an occasion, but unthankfully, I hate having to spend that much money on anything.  I just hope this computer actually lasts.  Cross your fingers for me!

Since getting paid monthly is going to be my situation for the foreseeable future, I really am hoping I adjust soon.  I have barely saved anything since starting this job, but the extra expense of living alone has made that difficult--not impossible though.  The weather is getting more temperate, and I don't have any major expenses coming up, so I'll keep plugging away!

Ever served Jury Duty?

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