Thursday, December 12, 2013

ThredUp Check In

It's weird to see my clothes on the internet
I heard back from ThredUp about the items I sent to them, and I've already sold something!  I was a bit lazy when I sent my items and I didn't total up how much I sent to them.  So I know that they didn't take some things, but I'm not sure how many.  I do remember sending in a really nice pair of Banana Republic pants that are too high-waisted for my taste, so it's a shame they didn't take those.  But, it doesn't really matter because I would have just eventually given them to a thrift store anyway, and now ThredUp can just do it for me.

They took a total of six items I sent in-- One blazer, one button down shirt, two skirts, one pair of pants and a dress.

Unfortunately, I was a little underwhelmed at the total amount I'll be getting when the stuff sells (and it will!).  Those six items will next me a cool $10.40. Since I never sell to consignment stores, I have no idea if that's a good or bad deal, but it's $10.40 for my travel fund that I would previously not have had.  Plus, my closet looks better.

So far, the items that has sold is a super adorable skirt I got at Banana Republic that was always just a scootch too short.  I don't know if when I bought it that was the only size they had, or if I was just feeling really thin that day, but I'm pretty sure I've only work it twice--at most.  I hope it makes someone else very happy.  Other items includes a skirt that's just too short, a too short dress (seriously, you'd think I have super long legs or something, which is not the case), a blazer that just isn't me and a too large pair of pants.

What's interesting to me is to see the markup on the items and my payout for them.  For instance, the skirt that sold was listed by them at $18.99 with me getting $6.30 (my best-priced item).  Other items are selling for around $10, and my take-home pay is around $.90.  Again, I have no idea if that's standard for consignment, but it seems a wee bit low...  Oh well.

Anyone else tried ThredUp?  What do you think?

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