Monday, November 4, 2013

Eat All The Food: Week Six

Went for a lovely fall run after work and then tucked into a delicious dinner of veggie burger with a side of roasted butternut squash.  I fear that I may not make much progress on the pantry in the coming weeks because all I want to eat is squash!  I'll do my best though.

I scored some more free grapes at my mandatory anti-harassment workshop at work.  I now know not to harass!  For dinner, I made a lavosh pizza with oven roasted butternut squash, cheese and seasonings. I had a similar pizza at a fancy restaurant a while back and though I didn't really like it there, the one I made was aces!

Oven roasted butternut squash, feta and arugula

Late night at work, so I made myself another lavosh squash pizza for lunch.

This was a good 'getting rid of little things' meal.  I had a little pizza sauce left from last Friday, a little pizza cheese, a few mushrooms and one English muffin.  So dinner was an English muffin pizza with the last of the butternut squash and some frozen veg.  My deep freeze is nearly empty!  It's unreal!

Veggie burger and frozen veg-- Birdseye asparagus, gold and white corn and baby carrots.  Once upon a time, I apparently thought that that was my most favorite frozen veg variety.  I swear, I bought like six of those before I realized that the corn wreaks havoc on my tummy when I go running.  Stupid corn!  One bag left...

Got up far too early and caught the train to Boston for the Red Sox victory parade!
That guy!
So, it was a very long, very crowded but very fun day and I did not eat any food from the pantry.
Very crowded
I spent Sunday grazing--as I tend to do.  I had some ramen noodles, a cucumber (split with bf, I'm not greedy), a pb&j, yogurt (which had a use by date of August 27--still tasted fine) and leftover Halloween candy.  Yeah, a really balanced eating day.  I also crockpotted some barley to freeze since it takes forever to cook.


  1. So jealous you can hop a train to catch the Red Sox madness. Did you see #drunkNapoli wandering around

    1. Sadly, no. We left town on the 4:30 train and the players were still at Fenway at that point. Damnit!