Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Eat/Use it Up

Inspired by Elizabeth over at Adventures in Life, Love and Librarianship's quest to Eat All the Food!
I am embarking on a similar quest.  Before I moved into my apartment, back in June, I managed to do a pretty good job eating up as much of the food I already had before moving.  Sure, I wound up with some weird meals and ate English muffins every day for about two weeks, but I also had to move a lot less stuff.

Trouble is, I still have a lot of food and I've been doing pretty well with eating it up, but I could be doing better.  Since I get paid monthly at my new job, I still haven't gotten a full paycheck, and somehow I've managed to spend a lot on groceries this month.

Added to the fact that I have a lot of food hordes is the fact that I have a lot of stuff hordes.  I still just have a lot of items stockpiled from way back when--mostly bathroom stuff. I realized the other day that I have about six hotel soaps, four bottles of lotion and more stuff under the sink than I think I can deal with right now.  I made a trip to Target the other day with the intention of buying body wash, but then realized that I could actually just use up that damn hotel soap instead.  Yes, I realize soap is soap, but I always think of bar soap just for hands--no longer!

Presently, in my kitchen, I have a bunch of snacks in my snack drawer that I like, but don't love.  I brought them to work instead.  Since I sometimes get snacky midday, I'm much more inclined to reach for something I've already paid for rather than going to the cafe down the hall.  So I now have a stash of Bevita Breakfast Biscuits (I bought them with a coupon, and they're good, but I just never want to eat them); 100 calorie packs of microwave popcorn (I always burn them in my microwave at home, or want more popcorn than that); and Larabars (again, totally tasty, but more of an on-the-go snack than a couch snack).  I also have a bunch of split peas and various grains and soup mixes that are perfect for this time of year.  I have a glut of frozen vegetables, and a pile of veggie burgers.  Honestly, I have enough food and variety of food that not only will I be healthy, but I shouldn't get bored.

The plan is to eat up what I already have, and only go to the grocery store for fresh veg.  This should save me some cash, and clean out my cupboard.

In the bathroom, I plan to use up all the hotel soaps before going back to body wash; go through my bags of stuff and see what's actually in there (I keep small items in cosmetics bags and have a tendency to lose things at the bottom), use up all the shampoo and conditioner I have before buying more (I don't really like the stuff I currently have, but it still works fine); and use up all of my travel size items.  I have refillable bottles for body wash, shampoo and conditioner, I don't know why I hang onto all these travel size samples I've acquired.

Last night's dinner was most of a log of polenta (I'll use up the rest tonight) with oven roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh mozzarella plus a side salad.

Tonight, finish off the polenta with some kind of frozen vegetable and eat up the butternut squash bisque I bought a while back that's getting close to expired.

I can do this!!


  1. Speaking of not wasting food, I'm hoping the new Trader Joe's plan spreads - http://www.dailyfinance.com/2013/09/24/ex-trader-joes-president-expired-groceries-affordable-meals/

    1. That's so cool! I really hope it takes off too. Also, I read a thoroughly depressing article in the Guardian last week (http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/sep/19/fruit-vegetables-wasted-ugly-report)
      "Up to two-fifths of fruit and veg crop is wasted because it is 'ugly', report finds

      Produce that does not meet retailer standards in UK is fed to animals or ploughed back into ground, according to study."
      I actually make it a point to buy goofy looking produce now, if I can find it.

  2. First off, can I come for dinner? Polenta with roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella sounds amazing. I'll bring some basil. :)

    Second, good luck eating up all your food! It sounds like you have a plan which is way better than me. I've just been flying by the seat of my pants on this whole project. This week is the first time I've had to get creative.

    Third, I'm totally going to do a tolietry clean out too. I don't have as much stuff (I don't think...) as it sounds like you do, but I still have a lot, especially from my birchbox. I need to use stuff up or toss it out.

    1. Not having fresh basil was my one regret with this meal. I used up my pesto when I made this the other day, but the tomatoes were so flavorful that it was still pretty awesome.

      Thanks for the well-wishes!! I feel pretty confident (but we'll see how long that lasts...)