Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blogathon Round Three!

I just got an email the other day telling me that June is Blogathon month!  Ack!  But that's actually a bit awesome as well.  June will be my first month in the "Year of Living Singly", which is also the year that I finally want to knuckle down and do a lot of writing.  Yes, it sounds cliche, but it's time to finish that novel!  Maybe this will even be the year that I finally do NANOWRIMO, so the best way to kick it off is clearly by doing the blogathon again.

Last year, I didn't quite make it, I missed it by like two days, but in 2011 I was successful!  We shall see what happens this year.

Anyone else who would like to participate can register here: http://michellerafter.com/the-wordcount-blogathon/

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