Monday, September 3, 2012

What To Do With a Week Off?

I cannot afford this kind of vacation, sadly
I've got a weird situation coming up.  I mentioned before that my work had a major budget cut, and the union that I'm a member of agreed to forgo our 401k matching for the year to offset the loss of funds.  Because of that, the library is closed for a week in September and we all get a week off--paid.  It's kind of like a thank you from the library, and while I hate to complain about a paid week off, it's also kind of inconvenient.

See, I was already planning on taking the following week off to go visit my brother.  I could just go a week earlier, but we were also planning to see a Sloan concert in Minneapolis, which is September 21st.  So now, I've taken the following week off as well, and do not have to go to work September 22.  The problem with this is, I can't really afford to enjoy myself for that first week.  I just got back from vacation, and now I'll have all this time off and really nothing to do with it.  So I'm racking my brain to come up with frugal ways to enjoy myself, not feel like I wasted this mini-vacation and hopefully not eat a ton out of boredom.

1. Go Running a Lot.  This is a bit of a no-brainer, but thankfully this week also coincides with the time I should be putting in the most effort training for my next race.  Hopefully I won't overtrain out of boredom, but the weather is getting cooler, and that makes me want to run!

2. Read. I've been such a slacker in the reading department this summer.  When it gets too hot, I just sort of shut down and all I want is to be passively entertained.  So I've been watching Biggest Loser all the time.  I've got reading to do for the Rhode Island Teen Book Award committee, of which I'm a member, and also just tons of books I want to read.  I'm nerding out this week.

3. Write.  I've joined a writer's group, which will hopefully give me the kick in the ass I need to actually start writing fiction and creative stuff again.  Either way, I have a mini-assignment due, and I should work on it!

4. Clean out the Basement.  This will obviously be the most fun part of my week (sarcasm).  I've been wanting to tackle our basement storage space for a while, but it was hot and I'm lazy.  I have no excuse now, and it will be a cathartic feeling.

5. Organize Closet.  My closet is getting a bit cluttered and could do with a bit of rearranging now that the seasons are changing.

6. Mop Floors.  I think we've mopped once since we moved in three years ago.  Sad, but true.  The floors don't really look that bad, but  if I mop then this month, I can put it off for another three years and feel no guilt!

7. Do Thursday Things. Because I work on Thursday night, and everything social, fun and free happens on Thursday, I'm going to enjoy it, damnit.  The free outdoor movie is One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which I haven't actually seen all of and I believe that the downtown happy hour in the park is still happening.  I will be there.

8. Mending.  I have a pile of mending that has been sitting around for most of the year--time to tackle it.

9. Cobbling.  I need to get a couple pair of  sandals re-soled, so I'm going to go check out a cobbler in my neighborhood who has good yelp reviews.  I shall ride my bike there and it will all feel very European!

Anyone have other suggestions for me?

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