Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010--not too shabby

I began 2010 with a diminished savings account and one 19-hour-a-week job plus freelance work, and end it with an almost replenished savings account in a better bank (I actually earn interest now!) and a second 15-to-19-hour-per-week job allowing me that savings replenishment.

Looking back over my budget, I underspent for the year in the food column by $43, but overspent on both alcohol and clothes. I don't set spending limits in my other columns, but my misc column was higher than I would have liked. I spent $1110 on gas for my car or about $93 per month. That figure makes me feel physically ill, but there's not much I can really do about it as I now have two commutes.

Despite spending an obscene amount of money on gas, I have saved quite a bit and also put some toward my student loans, though that money is just going toward interest at this point, but interest is tax-deductible!

Goals for 2011 are as follows:
  1. Replenish savings account completely. I want to have a minimum balance of $10,000 in my savings. This the amount of money that it would take to keep me financially afloat for a year if something should happen to both of my jobs. Once I hit $10,000, I will continue to save, but less aggressively, turning my focus instead to...
  2. Those blasted student loans. I'm in deferment right now, but will come into repayment in May or June (I should really figure that out). I intend to keep making the small payments I have been while focusing on savings until I'm in repayment, then I will most likely be putting every spare cent toward that large, scary number. Should be a superfun.
  3. Keep looking for tweaks to save money and keep socking money into the old travel fund. Just because I owe direct loans a limb doesn't mean I can't have some (responsible) fun (within reason).
  4. And my perennial goal--remember that I have pretty much everything I need and don't get caught up in the yearning for stuff. I have stuff--I'm running out of places for it.
How about you, what are your goals?

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